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Pablo Tomas Borda

Curriculum Vitae

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Personal Summary

I'm a proficient and proactive software developer with entrepreneur spirit who likes seeking and doing research on latest technologies. Always looking for cutting edge technologies and paradigms to ease software development, make it more enjoyable, and less prone to errors. I usually become a technology consultant for my coworkers. Looking for a place and environment that allows to develop the best of myself, fully apply my knowledge. I have experience working with multicultural and distributed teams.

Work Experience Sumary

My technical experience moved particularly and mainly from 6 years of java development to 4 ruby years, with emphasis on web/mobile front-end development. In java I worked using opensource technologies: struts,j2ee,hibernate, J2ME for mobile development in older handsets, WAP. WindowsMobile,all with SOA java backends.

Then my career turned into ruby software development and mobile. My first project was a ruby on rails e-commerce site, using ActiveRecord for database mapping, and gems such as ActiveMerchant that integrates payment gateways. I worked for a New York startup project called truveli using my previous gained ruby knowledge as a freelancer. Since Ruby technologies were still not being adopted by companies that had their legacy java software, I worked using ruby on my own personal projects. I founded my first company Argenport, that did e-commerce, using my own set of tools, all of them developed in ruby. I developed an investment plan generator that was fed using a ruby website crawler or spider script, then a rails site to track all events in the company, and a web UI for the investment generator. At the beginning used mysql, then migrated to mongo, and learn about Big-data technologies, Apache Hadoop, MapReduce, that adopted and reduced my development effort. The company closed its operations since trade restrictions in Argentina. Then I continued on the development of my own sales channels at SmartBandS, my new company, using web jquery/javascript/rails, and mobile android phonegap and android native. I started working on a big project for buying and selling goods and services, using ruby web, migrating from Rails to Sinatra, and phonegap mobile clients applications with ruby sinatra backends returning json. I developed a couple of android apps to buy and sell in an instantaneous way by closer location. The apps are able to take pictures, use gps, android services, chat protocol jabber/xmpp, push notifications, upload data to ruby backends, and are quite responsive. They basically cover most of the use cases of the android api.

My whole career overlaps with projects in other technologies, I also had experience on php, did a web crawler, a document repository, an IVR for a USA campaign from the Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant, and a couple of them for my company. Also in a minor proportion worked using Python, C/C++, Groovy and Grails, OCaml, etc. This experience on multiple technologies relies on that I enjoy working and doing research with different programming languages, and in that I do software development since I was 15 for playing purposes. I used to have fun developing small games in C++, using SDL libs for 2D graphics, on caldera linux, a very old linux distro. Played with software such as blender3d, 3dstudio. Used to compile and modify linux kernels, try different operating systems.. BEOs, FreeBSD, QNX (today blackberry's),etc.. My motivation comes out when I see a task that demanded weeks to be done in a couple of days. I have a good code repository and software portfolio. You can see a deeper description of my tasks and used technologies below.

Work Experience

PayPal - Merchant Technical Support Engineer June 2014 - Present - Dublin, Ireland

Technical support for software developers that make use of our APIs, help on integrations with huge and small companies as well. Dealing with merchants that cannot receive payments, being on call some hours everyday, working tickets I do software development as well by automating processes and building new tools when I identify something that is tedious or repetitive, at everyday work. Technologoies: ORACLE RIGHT NOW - PHP - JQUERY - RUBY - SINATRA - PAYPAL - NODEJS - BROWSERIFY - REQUIREJS - WEBIX - ELASTICSEARCH - MONGODB - NYLAS - MECHANIZE

SmartBandS - January 2013 to June 2014 - Buenos Aires

Role: Founder and CEO (My Own company)

    • Development of new technologies to ease the retail process. Including webapps, mobile clients, etc..
      Do business intelligence on data gathered from different websites, to generate investment plans in an automatic and coordinated way.
      WEB Tool for investors to check how we are investing their money based on software business intelligence data.
      Development of sales channels, e-commerce, stores, social networks etc..
      Consulting and software development on the retail sector
      Technologies: BigData, MongoDB NoSQL, Grid FileSystem, MapReduce technology, BI, GIS, GeoJSon, Sinatra, Android Native, phonegap,Titanium, JQueryMobile, CloudComputing, SaaS, IaaS, Ruby, Mechanize, XMPP, Smack, BOSH, IVR, VoiceXML, CCXML
      Looking for partners, must be creative, ambitious and want to progress.
  • Hewlett-Packard - January 2013 to Present (1 year 1 month) Buenos Aires

    Svc Information Development III

    • Support and maintanance of existing applications for Nextel (NII). Development of new features, java, seam framework, javascript.
  • Argenport - July 2011 to July 2012 (1 year 1 month) Argentina

    CEO (Own Company)

    • E-Commerce company. :'( ended due to Argentina's commerce and currency restrictions. :'( :'(
      Buy products from china suppliers
      Selling products in Buenos Aires
      Business intelligence on data gathered from different websites
      Investment plan generator tool
      Web tool to query the investment generator and also track all company events, from product delivered to buyer complaint.
      • Technologies:
        Ruby, Ruby on Rails, ActiveRecord,MySQL
  • IBM Global Services July 2011 – January 2012 (7 months)

    Business Analyst

    • Working as a Business Analyst for Wal-Mart
  • IBM - July 2009 – September 2011 (2 years 3 months)

    Software Developer

    • Working as a Production Support Developer. Work most of the time with IBM technologies, RSA, Java,Tivoli, Job Scheduling Console, AIX, Z-Linux, CMVC (like subversion with more features, from IBM), JSC, J2EE, WAS, DB2 as the database, RTC, the Lotus suite: notes, sametime, symphony, connections.
  • Truveli - April 2010 – July 2010 (4 months) freelancer - New York startup company

    Ruby Developer

    • Worked in a Ruby and Rails web system as a part time developer during weekends. The technologies I used were mysql, ajax with jquery and javascript, rails, svn, linux, redmine, Active Merchant, Paypal, Authlogic, Migrations, Active Record, webrick and mongrel
  • Movilogic - 2008 – 2009 (1 year)

    Java Developer

    • I acquired experience in the following technologies: Hibernate, Mysql, Jboss, Java, Struts, Maven, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, JSP, DWR, JSon, Ajax, JUnit, doing internal web systems for OSDE, which is a prepaid medicine company.
      Linked-In recomendation by Bruno Fontana: I've managed Pablo as an external J2EE developer in one of our projects. His compromise in accomplishing his task on time, even when it was complex or "diffuse", is very remarkable. Pablo is also an easygoing person and good team player
  • Ecommerce site from December 2008 – January 2009 (2 months) as a freelancer

    Ruby on Rails Developer

    • Design an implementation of general purpose E-Commerce using Ajax, Ruby on Rails, Active Records, the new ORM from Ruby on Rails, Mysql as the database, JQuery and Ajax. Interaction with and other payment gateways supported.
  • GOMBu from San Diego as a Freelancer from May 2008 to November 2008 (7 months)

    Freelance Mobile Consultant

    • I created a j2me application which was tested mostly on Sony Ericsson mobile phones, preferably 240x320. When you take a picture of a person it returns its facebook profile. I got experience with the following technologies: J2ME, MMAPI, python, mechanize, php. This demo application which was supposed to be sold at a 500000U$S in the USA, makes use of a third party service. Also without the service the application is able to upload pictures to a server by posting the images taken by the camera. I got this cool software patent myself, since I was not paid for the development. If you are interested, and would like to work with this, do not hesitate to call me, and we can meet. This software is patented under file number 742246.
  • Whoop from May 2007 to May 2008 (1 year 1 month) , USA Startup company

    Software Developer, Mobile Developer, J2ME

    • I got experience with the following technologies: Java, J2ME, Apache, TomCat, Mysql, UML, XML, XSLT, Web Services, VoiceXML, IVR systems, SVN, Virtualization using vmware, Eclipse, NetBeans, Linux, writing documents, ant, maven, C# .NET using Visual Studio 2008, UML, Use Cases, Class Diagrams,RUP, WAP, Qualcomm Brew, C++ , JSON, Design Patterns, Model Driven Architectures, Aspect Oriented Software Development, Groovy, Java, JavaScript, JQuery, Groovy & Grails, IntelliJ, Agile project planning, Agile, BugZilla, Unit test cases using dynamic languages, QUnit the jquery testing framework, Selenium Tasks * Worked in the development of new technologies to ease the development of mobile applications. * Created a platform independant model (PIM) to generate both WAP, Windows Mobile applications at once, plus the posibility to add more target platforms. * Worked as technical interviewer.
  • Globant at Google's offices, Mountain View, California from January 2007 to April 2007 (4 months)

    QA Engineer for load & performance

    • QA Engineer, in Mountain View, California. Technologies got experience with: Java, Python, Linux, JUnit, MySql
      Linked-In recomendation by Samuel Falvo: Quality Engineer III at Rackspace, the Open Cloud Company Pablo worked well with his peers to deliver automated testing solutions. It's been many years since I've worked with Pablo, but I recall he had a firm grasp of many computer science topics, including some pretty obscure algorithms (to me at least)
  • Technisys - June 2006 – January 2007 (8 months)

    Java J2EE Developer

    • as Java/J2EE developer for banking applications. Technologies I got more experience with: J2EE, Struts, Maven, Hibernate, HiveMind, TomCat, Debian Linux, Eclipse, Cactus for testing servlets, XML, XSLT for transformations between two XMLs, iText for generating PDFs, Oracle.
  • LIFIA from February 2004 – January 2007 (3 years)

    Trainee Research Assistant

    • (Laboratorio de Investigacion y Formacion en Informatica Avanzada) ´s e-Platero project, an eclipse plug-in to edit UML diagrams#&ui-state=dialog, validate OCL (Object Constraint Language) expressions, declare refinement relations between models, refactor models to design patterns. Design patterns are particular instances of refinement relations. Acquired knowledges: UML meta-model, OCL meta-model, Design of Eclipse plug-ins, EMF, GEF, GMF, OMG's Model Driven Architectures (MDA), Model Driven Development (MDD), OCL, QVT, ATL (Atlas Transformation Language) developed at Inria, IBM's Model Transformation Framework, IBM's Rational Software Architect. I got good ideas while being there, like for example Model Transformation by Commands: Behavioral Oriented Programming:
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    Software Portfolio

    This software portfolio is intended for demo purposes, contains my own source code, and represents a 10% of my experience. You will see a video in the android section.

    By Technology


    The following is a phonegap application able to take pictures, use GPS, and lists products. Puts the platform at the limit.-



    GitHub Repository

    Smart Form Filler:

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    GitHub Repositories

    Delivery Magic: Rails Application that renders a list of products using old WAP technology that used handsets in the past:

    ECommerce site: ECommerce site has a picture gallery, mysql, and payment gateway integration code.




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